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10-14 day private pilot license guaranteed !!!

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1977_cessna_skyhawk_172_20110616_2009508820Included in the course:

  • UP TO 40 Hours flight time , dual and solo
  • 10 hours ground school
  • Lodging in very nice 1 bedroom guest
  • use of books and computer based study materials



$7995 INCLUDING LODGING! Click here for more information!

10 Day Instrument Rating

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flight_simulator_20110616_1719092234An instrument rating would give you more options, more freedom to keep a schedule. You are not interested in flying “hard IMC (instrument meteorological conditions )  through rain and bad weather for hundreds of miles”. All you need is to be able to go up through a layer IFR , get to VFR on top, maybe go through some overcast for twenty or thirty miles and then break out. Maybe it is clear where you are but there is some overast, a couple of layers at your destination, nothing terrible but you can’t do it if you don’t have an instrument  rating. included up to 40 hours dual instruction and use of plane for check-ride!

LODGING INCLUDED: $7995! Click here for more information!

40-Hour Cross Country Time Building Package

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airplane_pictures_2011_189_20110627_1725096813This is 40 hours cross country time building package. This price includes 40 hours  with a flight instructor. Build your cross country time while you learn. This program is designed to make you a competent navigator and give you excellent radio skills, while building your cross country time. We will fly 3 – 4 hours each day, all cross country. We’ll work with you on the ground and in the air to help you develop the skills you need and want.  Including instructor and lodging!!!


Only $7995! Click here for more information!

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